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Default Roughed Up Roughed Up

Caroline Pierce can prove hard to control, but MRK is not in the mood to take any nonsense. He practically carries her into the prison room and throws her to the floor, making short work of restraining her struggling arms and legs in a hogtie, leaving her completely at his mercy. He tramples on her body kicks and mauls her flesh, tickles her and crushes her under his entire bodyweight, until she is exhausted. But even then, when released, she flails and lashes out, making him to tape her to the prison bars for his own safety.

Completely helpless
once more, her dress is torn to shreds, and the rags used to gag her smart mouth. Her underwear is cut away, leaving her naked and vulnerable to MRK_s mauling and scratching hands. A vibrating wand is utilised to sap her will to fight, making a huge orgasm from her, and leaving her limp.

Bound into a strappado, teetering on one leg, she is whipped, leaving her bruised and broken, but MRK is not finished. Still bound, she is thrown once more to the floor where the whipping and spanking continues. She is finally left with her thoughts in a hogtie, but proves her spirit is not entirely defeated by struggling free.

Teens girls, beautiful girl, milf
File Name : roughedup01-hi.wmv
File Size : 186.29 MB
Resolution : 1920x1080
Duration : 00:11:14

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