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Default Introducing Carly Introducing Carly

Carly Rae is introduced to the ShadowSlaves stable, in the capable hands of another newcomer, Owen G. Led from her cell, Owen wastes no time stripping off her dress, and stringing her up on tip-toes by her wrists. Clothespins bite into her nipples and tongue, as he ramps up the pain levels with a leather whip. No part of her body is spared, as he beats her tits, ass, legs and pussy, until the first tears appear. He lays into her flesh with a scratchy straw switch, repeatedly slaps her face and pummels her ass.

Encouraged by her immediate wetness, Owen decides to really test her endurance, raining down hard belly punches, as though she were a human punchbag. The pummeling continues on her cunt and thighs, always returning to hard blows deep into her belly and ribs, and culminating in viscious two-handed face slaps, leaving her streaming wet and ready for his huge studded dildo.

Next comes her obedience training. Strapped into a weighty posture collar, she is made to worship his cock, crawling around the floor as he retreats to keep her soft lips in contact. Feeling more attention is needed, he focuses her mind by dunking her head in freezing water as he fucks her hard. Freezing and humiliated, she is made to kneel and lick his ass and balls, worshiping
his body and begging for his release, until he comes over her happy and grateful face.

Teens girls, beautiful girl, milf
File Name : carlyrae01-hi.wmv
File Size : 143.43 MB
Resolution : 1920x1080
Duration : 00:08:18

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