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Default Boxtrucksex.com- Allegra Agrees to an Erotic Photoshoot in Public

Boxtrucksex.com- Allegra Agrees to an Erotic Photoshoot in Public

While Allegra almost escaped our vision in her comfortable sweatshirt and jeans while walking down the street we_re glad we managed to see her Though she_s in a bit of a hurry we still manage to get her to stop and chat a bit with us. A tourist in the area when we tell her about our modeling opportunities and that she_d be beautiful enough to qualify for our jobs she_s definitely interested. After all who doesn_t want to earn a bit of extra money? It only takes a little bit of convincing to get this lovely brunette to step into our truck.

Once she_s in there we start her on some creative posing exercises to relax her - including posing like some of her favorite animals We_re easily able to convince her to take off the baggy sweatshirt but she starts to clam up when we try to get more of her clothes off. Her reluctance doesn_t seem to go anywhere until we pull out some cash in exchange for taking off her lace bra. The money quickly changes her mind and Allegra is soon topless in our truck - but she can_t help but look around nervously at the busy streets all around her.

With her breasts now exposed for us we move her into more poses while she lays on the bed. The relaxed position seems to increase her comfort level and she_s soon agreeing to strip off her jeans without any fuss. The request for her thong panties however results in her blushing a deep red as she giggles in nervousness. Adding some money to her stack and convincing her that she_ll qualify for more jobs seals the deal and we then have this beautiful brunette entirely exposed in our truck.

Never having done this before it takes a bit of persuading - and a lot of cash - to get this shy woman into agreeing to give a blowjob. She knows she needs the money and you_ll see her nervousness as she requires direction to give the best blowjob possible for our camera. In fact our crewmember walks this brunette through face fucking step by step as she takes his cock deeper and deeper down her throat. She_s a trooper and though she claims it_s uncomfortable and difficult she continues to keep trying as he uses her mouth for his pleasure.

After such a great blowjob he wants to use her other holes and he pushes her onto her back to slip his cock into her tight entrance. Though she_s vocal and clearly enjoys all of the pleasure we_re giving her she definitely requires lots of direction to get in some of the positions we want her in. It_s clear this innocent woman doesn_t get creative in the bedroom too often Watch as we corrupt this beauty in the back of our truck as we fill her repeatedly and catch all of the action in high-definition video The final moment of their fucking is when he pulls out of her pussy to shoot his load all over her back.
File Name : Allegra_160425_FULL_HD12.mp4
File Size : 3545.15 MB
Resolution : 1920x1080
Duration : 00:40:17

Download Screenshots:
UbiqFile Zip:Allegra_caps.zip - 11.4 MB

Download VIDEO:
UbiqFile:Allegra_160425_FULL_HD12.mp4 - 3.5 GB
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