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Default Boxtrucksex.com- Lia Erika caps.zip

Boxtrucksex.com- Lia_Erika_caps.zip

Lia is one of the first women we taped for our Massage Gone Wild series and after watching her time in the truck you_ll see why we continued to invite women in for a massage We found the gorgeous brunette walking down the sidewalk in a strapless yellow dress and we knew we had to stop her then. She_s a friendly woman and we let her know that we could offer her a massage in exchange for videotaping her massage and we don_t even have to talk her into it. She_s game as soon as we offer

Once Lia is inside our truck she jumps straight into getting ready for our massage Not-at-all shy about her body she_s happy to strip down into her bra and panties and she doesn_t make any fuss about privacy or people watching. This brunette hops straight onto the bed lying face down and soon strips off her bra to be able to receive a better massage from his talented hands. The rain quickly starts to downpour as she_s receiving her massage and this beautiful woman gets to enjoy her massage in the peaceful quiet of a rainy city.

Of course our crewmember wants to make sure she remembers everything about her massage and his hands begin to slowly creep towards her most sensitive areas. While she seems slow to accept the pleasure he_s willing to give her it doesn_t take long until our newest woman flips over onto her back for better access to all of her most pleasurable areas. Our crewmember starts his erotic touches with her chest as he massages all around her nipples while he slowly moves towards more erotic areas. As her breathing quickens when he touches her breasts he knows that it_s time to do more and he slips off her panties to dip his face between her thighs. Enjoy watching his fingers work her pussy as his lips pleasure her clit. He hits her g-spot over and over and you_ll love listening to this brunette_s soft pleasured moans as he does.

Now that her pussy is wet and ready for him she spreads her legs to take things to the next level. She_s soon filled up with his length as he holds her thighs apart so he can rub her clit while he fills her up over and over. Watch her perky breasts bounce with every thrust - especially when she climbs on top We do our best to make sure you can enjoy the best angles as she fills herself again and again and you_ll love looking at this lovely brunette_s shaved pussy.

After such rough sex he pulls out and she gets on her knees in front of him and jerks him off with special attention to his balls. His hands go on the back of her head as he fucks her face until he shoots his load into her mouth.
Lia E
File Name : lia_erika_160728_full_hd12(1).mp4
File Size : 1629.32 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 00:43:54

Download Screenshots:
UbiqFile Zip:Lia_Erika_caps(1).zip - 13.3 MB
UbiqFile Zip:Lia_Erika_caps.zip - 13.3 MB

Download VIDEO:
UbiqFile:lia_erika_160728_full_hd12(1).mp4 - 1.6 GB
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