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Default Slave Lolani - Slingshot Slave Lolani - Slingshot

lolani waits naked in the cellar for Big John, who has a treat for her, in the form of a bucket of stinging nettles. her naked body is buried under the burning leaves, leaving no tender spot untouched, stinging even her swollen clitoris. Next her already burning skin is coated with searing hot candle-wax, and her cunt is stuffed again with nettles.

Her stinging and burning flesh and cunt is brutally whipped. Finally, sealed behind blinding goggles, she becomes target practice for John_s slingshot, as he bombards her flesh with small candies, before cooling her off with a bucket of ice cold water.

Teens girls, beautiful girl, milf
File Name : slingshot-super.mp4
File Size : 3016.85 MB
Resolution : 1920x1080
Duration : 00:41:41

Download VIDEO:
UbiqFile:slingshot-super.mp4 - 2.9 GB
UbiqFile:slingshot01-hi.wmv - 458.7 MB
UbiqFile:slingshot01.wmv - 103.1 MB
UbiqFile:slingshot02-hi.wmv - 341.1 MB
UbiqFile:slingshot02.wmv - 78.0 MB
UbiqFile:slingshot03-hi.wmv - 415.2 MB
UbiqFile:slingshot03.wmv - 89.3 MB
UbiqFile:slingshot04-hi.wmv - 545.8 MB
UbiqFile:slingshot04.wmv - 116.1 MB
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