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Default Lawschool Diva Blackmails Coeds 3 - Goddess Gwen - iwantclips

It's so easy being the hottest girl in law school, everyone wants me, so everyone is willing to please me. I was assigned to this group of 3 guys for a project and one thing lead to another… I ended up taking some incriminating photos of them and now I am Blackmailing-Fantasy them into being my homework bitches. Doing my homework just isn't enough to keep me amused, I want them to dress like sissies, and of course I will take photos of this to further Blackmail-Fantasy them. I am extremely amused by coercing them to do gay sex acts on each other, last time I made them give each other hand jobs, this time I am making them do rim jobs! LOL I'm so evil! These guys are totally my pets, I don't have to be afraid that they'll tell someone about how I am Blackmailing-Fantasy them, because face it, no one would ever believe that I would do Blackmail-Fantasy someone! They'd just think that these guys were doing anything they could do to **** with me!
Models: Goddess Gwen

Duration: 7 min 33 s
Resolution: 720 x 1 280
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 171 MiB
Download From AnzFile
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